About Ryan

Hi there. My name is Ryan Derousseau (like the philosopher, just add a -de- in front of it). I’m a freelance journalist and writer who also enjoys the occasional inspirational, funny or thought-provoking blog post.

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I’ve spent the last seven years working for a variety of publications, including the last year-and-a-half as the Money Magazine senior reporter and social media editor. While there, my coverage focused on investing, financial planning, retirement and general personal finance subjects. I’ve worked at or written for a variety of publications, including Fortune, the Washington Post Co., Inc.com, Fastcompany.com, Yahoo! and others. During that time, I’ve also run social media strategies for a variety of organizations, including areas of technology, personal finance and politics. I’m currently accepting new contracts and can be reached through this form.

I’m also a dedicated writer, working on my first novel ‘The Office of Time Control,’ as well as various short stories that delve into the way we view our work-life, money and reputations and how this impacts our relationships, personality, values and well-being now and in the future. If you would like to receive the first three chapters of the Office of Time Control when it’s ready, then shoot me a note and I’ll pass it along.

My fiancé and I live in Long Island City, NY with our 15 pound of fur, Wookie (the dog pictured left). I’m constantly looking for interesting places to travel, new hobbies to undertake and challenges to attempt.

If you want more information about my experience, you can find my LinkedIn page here.

You can follow my random thoughts and musings on Twitter @RyanDerous.

And if you’re interested in contacting me to hear more about my background or availability, then please follow this link: contact form.