About Ryan


Ryan Derousseau has spent the last 10 years as a writer, journalist and content consultant. He’s written and worked for national magazines and websites, including Money, Fortune and the Washington Post Co. He’s also developed stories for Inc., Fast Company, U.S. News & World Report and many others, including producing a Fortune newsletter discussing leadership news, growing the follower base from zero to over 10,000 and publishing over 400 issues. His focus is on leadership, investing, personal finance and careers.

He has also used his knowledge in the technology, personal finance, business, healthcare technology and leadership space to develop white papers, blogs, reports, ebooks and proposals. If you need help with content development, project management, editing, writing, proofreading or anything else related to the written word, he’s currently accepting new contracts and can be reached through this form or at ryan[.]derousseau[@] gmail.com.

Ryan lives in Huntington, NY with his wife, child and business partner, the grey pup below. When not writing, he’s on the look out for interesting places to travel, new hobbies to undertake, a new beer to try, golfing and watching Kansas Jayhawks basketball or University of Texas football (it’s complicated). If you want more information about his experience, you can find his LinkedIn page here.

Ryan Derousseau is a pro. He always meets deadlines and delivers clean, sharp copy. — Paul Lim, Assistant Managing Editor, Money Magazine



Wookie has little experience with the written word, but enjoys listening to Ryan type all day while he sleeps, and shapes the company culture by going on an afternoon walk. The eight year-old lhasa apso, Brussels griffon mix joined R.M.D Media, after Ryan and his wife rescued him from the ASPCA seven years ago. Since then, he has risen the ranks to CEO of the company, in his mind, and keeps constant vigilance over Ryan throughout the day.




“[Ryan’s] consistency, reliability, and overall work ethic are magnificent.” — Geoff Colvin, author and senior editor-at-large at Fortune Magazine

If you’re interested in contacting Ryan to hear more about his background or availability, then please follow this link: contact form.