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I Almost Died A Year Ago Today. What Should I Do About It?

A year ago today, I nearly died. I don’t mean I had one of those near-death experiences where a truck almost hit me or a falling piano almost crushed my unsuspecting self as I walked below. No. I mean my

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“You Should Be Doing the Becoming, Not Your Damn Fool Computer”

Here’s a think piece from Kurt Vonnegut’s A Man Without a Country. This was his last published book while he was alive (there was one published posthumously). It’s a collection of essays, where Vonnegut discusses politics, life, death and society. I

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Running Through Death Valley

I’m not sure whether this post will make you laugh, think or cry, but it’s certainly inspirational. This week, the annual Badwater Ultramarathon took place. What’s the Badwater Ultramarathon? A 135-mile race across Death Valley! It took the winner over

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Talking to A Stranger From Walt Whitman

Many of us fear the idea of talking to complete strangers. But what do we fear? And why do we fear it. Today, take a look at this poem from Walt Whitman. Is talking to someone new really that scary?

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Over-Hyping Leadership – It’s Not As Important As We Think

We’re not taught that it’s a good idea to follow. Often our whole goal in a career is to climb higher and higher as fast as possible. There are obvious benefits to such a track, as we get paid more

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