Four Thoughts on Developing Productive Habits

This weekend, Laurie and I did what we try to do every few months, and that’s take stock of what we have, dumping everything we don’t need. This means clothes, kitchen ware, gadgets and anything else that might be cluttering up our life gets the boot. There’s something so satisfying about going through these steps, especially, if you’re like me, and live in an apartment.

Cut back on your tasks? Don't waste it. Let's discuss ways to fill it with productive goals.

Cut back on your tasks? Don’t waste it. Let’s discuss ways to fill it with productive goals.

However, this isn’t something that should just be done for things. This can be a great step for every part of life. Looking for ways to cut back on what’s causing stress, wasting time and offering little beneficial returns are just a few of the things that can allow us to find those bad habits that cause us to fall into a rut. By crowding our days with these negative habits, we’re unable to figure out what to do next.

The problem with doing this for our lives is that in order to get rid of something, you will then be opening up a portion of your day for anything: Good or bad. This means you will have more time. That sounds like a great thing, after all, who couldn’t use a few hours in the day to accomplish more? But the problem with more time is that you need to then fill it. It’s similar to the house; when we cut back, we fill the empty space to ensure we’re not overwhelmed by our stuff. It’s the same with time.

One of the easiest ways to fall into a rut, is to simply succumb to the belief that you need to “unwind.” And, of course, I’m not saying get rid of all the time you have at home. But what about the times when you just come home after work, and sit in front of the T.V.? Do you ever feel good about doing that?

If you’re like me, probably not. Yet, I still fall into the bad habit because I haven’t filled the extra time with quality experiences. That ruins the potential impact of cutting back because I’m still not utilizing that time in any productive way. I’m leaving my extra clutter lying on the floor, unable to enjoy the benefits of space.

If you’ve gone through the steps to clear your time and you still feel like you’re stuck or depressed, it’s likely because you haven’t filled that time with effective replacements.

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photo by: Thomas Leuthard
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