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A few months ago, I mentioned on this site that I had finished writing my first science-fiction novel, The Office of Time Control. It’s a satirical take on our need to search for happiness while we continually look in all the wrong places. Today, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m launching The Office of Time Control website!

In development of the website, I’ve created a number of short stories and posts that build upon the world first introduced in The Office of Time Control. Every week, you will find a new longer-form short story discussing a character in the book. Also, every week, I’ll discuss a new term. Since The Office of Time Control is a historical look at our future, it’s only fitting that it should also include an encyclopedia of sorts, detailing the history of many of mankind’s most important and mundane inventions and norms.

One of the best things I did before launching the website was commission artist Alec Kalthoff to create a cover for the book. As you can see below, it turned out fantastic!

otccoverONLINEVIEW (2)


What’s The Office of Time Control about

The 58th century time traveler Rorak O’Shea Khan seeks to unlock the cure for unhappiness for his boss, the ageless Shelly Bates. To do so, he searches the prehistoric era of the 21st century for the cure: Toothpaste. Along the way, he recruits an inflexible entrepreneur, Tim, and a Worlds War III military captain, Elsie, among others to help with his mission.

All the while, a secretive government agency known as The Office of Time Control, headed by the most powerful man in the history of the world, Angelus Mallet, tracks Rorak and his crew. But what will Rorak do once he faces the realities that hinder personal fulfillment?

Next Steps

While this is just the next step in a long, long process, it’s great to see the product coming together. If you’re interested in reading the first two chapters of The Office of Time Control, sign up to follow the Unofficial OTC Record blog by adding your email in the appropriate spot on the right sidebar here.

You can also follow along on Twitter or Facebook.

I’m currently looking for a publisher, so please pass this along to anyone you think might be interested!

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