The Office of Time Control

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Follow 58th century time traveler Rorak O’Shea Khan as he searches to unlock the cure for unhappiness, the one emotion the future struggles to perfect, in the prehistoric era of the 21st century. While trying to stay one step ahead of the secretive government agency that regulates and polices time travel, Rorak recruits an inflexible entrepreneur, a strong-willed Worlds War III military captain, and others to help with his mission. But what will he do once he faces the realities that hinder personal fulfillment?




The Office of Time Control is Ryan’s first completed science fiction novel. It’s a satirical look at the quest we all undertake to find contentment while weighing present issues such as economics, technology, or social norms to strip away our decision-making, threatening personal satisfaction. You can find more about the book or read the first two chapters by checking out The Office of Time Control website.

Ryan is currently in the process of finding representation for OTC. If you’re a book agent interested in hearing more, please contact me here.