How To Plan For Your Year and Month

Last week, I talked a little about planning for your year and your month. It had come from a conversation I had recently with Brad Closson, who does it for a living. The reason planning is so important is to ensure you know where to move next. It creates momentum in your business and your life, so you’re constantly moving towards the next goal, your next achievement, your next activity. It’s a great way to ensure you don’t fall into a rut, as well.

You learn quite a bit during your first go at yearly planning.

You learn quite a bit during your first go at yearly planning.

As I planned for my next year and month, it really gave me an opportunity to see how much I was doing and how much I should be doing. When putting together an effective plan, you want to keep it to a page in length. My first draft of this was 2.5 pages for my yearly goals and almost two pages for my monthly goals. That’s too much! We’ve all heard about the 80/20 rule, well this is a great way to find out what you can cut in order to be more productive.

But you also learn a bit more about what’s important to you. Anything that needs to be done on the list you must find importance in. Anything outside of that, throw the thought of it away, at least for now. You can turn back to it if you achieve your yearly goals early. Or you can turn to it next year, when you might be able to move it to the top of the list.

And, finally, I also found it difficult to plan out the entire year. I worry that my yearly plan looks a lot like my monthly plan. Hopefully, Brad can give me a few pointers there.

Below you will find how I outlined my yearly and monthly goals. Over the next week, I hope to chat with Brad about my goals. I’ll let you know what he has to say, and will show you a revised list then. Let me know if you set up your yearly goals this way. I’m happy to share them as well. That way they’re official, posted online and the community will hold you to them. That’s motivation!

Yearly Goals:

Business Goals

Find Two More Clients

  • Go to four Networking Events Per Month
  • Apply For Two Opportunities Online Per Week

Grow Blog to XXX Clicks Per Month

  • Write 4 blog posts per week
  • Outreach to 30 bloggers per month
  • Attempt to connect with five media professionals per month
  • Develop Perspective Changers (an upcoming launch) by July 1
  • Launch Perspective Changers by July 15
  • Reach out to bloggers in network to promote Perspective Changers
  • Develop Google ads for launch of Perspective Changers
  • Develop Two More Ideas For Year

Redesign Website

  • Find 10 websites that match what I’m looking for
  • Contact Three Designer to Discuss Changes
  • Price Out Options

Writing Goals:

Write Novel

  • Write 1,000 words per day
  • Connect with 3 authors for advice
  • Connect with 5 potential editors for advice

Publish Short Story

  • Edit 2,500 words per day until it’s completed
  • Ask five friends to read story for feedback
  • Contact three editors that can review the piece

Write for Four New Publications

  • Come up with four ideas that are worth writing about
  • Report initial story by contacting five sources for each piece
  • Develop four pitches based on reporting
  • Get Name of four editors at various locations from friends or magazine editorial sheets

Personal Goals:

Learn Banjo

  • Practice 30 mins. a day
  • Take one lesson per month

Know Some French for trip in October

  • Learn 100 words per week

Learn A New Sport

  • Research Potential Possibilities
  • Find a beginner’s coach
  • Join club

Monthly Goals

Business Goals:

Find 5 Contacts That Could Turn Into Potential Clients

  • Go to one networking event per week
  • Join Networking Group of Small Businesses in New York
  • Write one guest post per month for targeted business audience
  • Apply to Two Online Opportunities Per Week

Grow blog by 25% clicks

  • Write four blog posts per week
  • Reach out to five bloggers per week
  • Follow 100 targeted people on Twitter per week
  • Come up with the ideas for Perspective Changers by July 1
  • Write Explanation of What Perspective Changers is by July 1
  • Write Reader Give-Away Piece of Perspective Changers by July 1

Writing Goals:

Finish First draft of novel:

  • Write 1,000 words per day, until it’s finished
  • Reach out to one author to discuss how s/he published first book
  • Begin editing after one week, following finished first draft

Finish Second Draft of Short Story

  • Edit 2,500 words per week

Finish Third Draft of Short Story

  • After a week off after finishing second draft, edit 2,500 words per day

Pitch New Publication

  • Find a story that could appeal to a number of different publications
    • Contact 5 sources for ideas (one week)
    • Create Pitch (one day)
  • Ask three friends for who to pitch story too
  • Connect with editors

Personal Goals:


  • Practice 30 Mins. a day
  • Contact Banjo teacher


  • Find top 100 words each week
  • Create Card for Words and memorize
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