The Long-Term Journey Newsletter

It’s time we stop thinking about short-term solutions. This is a newsletter that I created to provide updates on how people are building intrinsic value in their company, their investments and in their lives.

Too much of this world, whether it’s politics, investments, or business, is focused on trying to win today, with the future be-damned. It’s why we delay fighting climate change, a reason why inequality has grown to massive proportions, why public companies - which we rely on for our retirement plans - face immoral and disturbing scandals, and a culprit in why we struggle to find meaning and purpose in our job.

Launching April 25, this is a once a week newsletter that highlights those that are focusing on the long-term, how they’re doing it, and the benefits they reap. It’s meant to provide a voice to this movement of people that have begun to try and change businesses, laws and social norms, focusing on building for the long-term. But it also will give you suggestions, ideas and encouragement to remain committed to whatever long-term goals or strategies you have in your life.

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