Betting On The Next "Can't Miss" Investing Trend

When you see the next big investing trend skyrocket in value, do you buy in?  

If so, why? 

Do you believe it will allow you to escape your job? Do you see it as a pathway to explore your dreams? Have you convinced yourself this trend is somehow different than all the other bubbles of the past?

Instead of buying in, maybe it’s time to return to your life goals.

Your investing strategy should mimic those goals, providing you with the expected returns that will provide the funds for your future.

If that investment you made into the next big trend plummets (which is usually the case) then you may have just ruined your chance at reaching the life you envisioned.

Is that a cost you’re willing to accept when you bet on the next big investing trend?

If not, then that next big investing trend isn’t worth the effort.