Meddling With Your Finances

We’re natural meddlers. We want to tinker. We see something that doesn’t quite work right, and we want to find a way to do it better.

It’s what created self-help. We see people tired of their jobs, sick of low pay, need new outlets for creativity and an entire industry has grown from advice.

It’s inherent in being human, engrained from childhood. If something doesn’t work this immediate moment, how can you do it better? It’s a natural impulse.

This tinkering has led to technological innovation, allowed us to reach the moon, and cure cancers. It’s a human marvel!

Except when it comes to finances.

When you have a plan in place, it’s not the goal to ensure it’s working perfectly every moment of every day.

It’s in place to work the moment you need it.

Stop tinkering, or else you’ll be fidgeting your whole life, never able to make the investments work.