Introducing The Simple Money Mind

Here thoughts will be written.

Those written thoughts will discuss money.

But what discusses money will also often dovetail into broader life.

Money is simply a backdrop to life.

The thoughts won’t be deep. They won’t be detailed.

Instead, these shallow and un-detailed thoughts seek simplicity.

These shallow and un-detailed thoughts will provide advice on growing, living and planning around money.

With that advice, you can seek to understand the financial requirements you NEED.

Having a simple money mind helps you gain a foothold in your financial picture.

For this, you don’t need depth. You don’t need detail.

You do need goals. You do need a philosophy. You do need a viewpoint.

With those in hand, even if your money grows, you can continue to keep it simple.

The thoughts come from my decade-plus career writing about investing and personal finance.

The most important thing I learned in all those years of writing?

Keep it simple and you won’t be led astray (as much).

The Simple Money Mind will seek that simplicity.

Thanks for reading.