My Money Regrets

Why didn’t I invest more in my 20s, when the impact of compounding would have been even greater than it already will?

Why didn’t I ensure I earned the company match in my first 401k, losing out on the free money?

Why didn’t I look towards homeownership earlier since it’s one of the best buys of my life?

Why didn’t I read more, beyond the basics of finances, as my professional career began?

Why didn’t I diligently budget when I had less money to spend?

Why didn’t I ignore those fancy investing tools and apps, which did little to secure my future?

Why didn’t I look at fees when I finally placed my money in those early investment vehicles?

Why didn’t I view my investments as powerful now, as opposed to something that I could only utilize at the end of my life?

It’s quite simple, really.

For too long, I feared money, which held more power over me than my desire to have it.

Once I knew what I wanted from it, though, the fear dissipated. Now, only regrets remain.

All these regrets, luckily, can still be rectified.