It’s Hard to Imagine

It’s hard to imagine when you’re earning your first paycheck, loaded with debt, waiting for the future, struggling to pay your bills, desiring everything your friends seemingly have, that this is the time to think about what you NEED for your future.

If you know what you NEED then you can pinpoint the amount you must make in your career to quit.

The sooner you understand your number, the easier it will be to determine what matters to YOU. You’ll shed the expenses that you accrue living up to an imagined life, focusing on the costs that actually fulfill you. Your car, restaurant and bar expenses will likely fall while your enjoyment and self-satisfaction will rise.

And as someone who was young once, it would have been wonderful to know what actually matters earlier in life. It would have saved me years of dread. 

Understanding that number will also help you in your future when you no longer worry about money and simply enjoy it.

It’s hard to imagine, but the sooner you know your number, the longer you’ll have to live the life the number represents.