Your Financial Teacher

When people reach a certain age where their finances become a concern, they begin to question why they never learned this in school?

Why the calculus? Why the stats? Why the trig? Why not financial education?

It’s a fair question; an important one.

Instead, we’re forced to seek out teachers on our own.

For some, they find a teacher…

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Our Desires

We sit down to budget in order to get a clear picture of our financial life.

What do you see when you look at your budget?

Do you see someone spending on things that are necessities?

Do you see someone spending on things that are fulfilling?

Do you see someone spending on things that will build toward something?

Or do you see someone…

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Know Your Goal

I spoke to a lady that had started businesses, bought real estate, had a nice car, lives in a large city, and “had goals.”

When pressed to outline those money goals, she simply said, “I want money to create more money.”

In part, she made complete sense, since it’s the basic principle of investing. You have to invest money so it will grow.

Yet, in other ways, she was lost.

Without tangible goals for the money, then when does that creation-cycle end?

We all know where it will end. By then, you may be rich, but what good does that do for you…

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You and Your Budget Have the Same Goal

If budgets are the diets of financial planning, then why do we all have one, want to have one, know we should have one, have heard that we should have one? What’s the point, if we know we will only break them?

It’s simple. Even if we know the diet will fail, we realize we need something to get our eating back in line. Budgets get our spending back in line, after we’ve splurged for too long.

The longer we can keep to the budget, the better for our long-term success. But failing to keep to a budget doesn’t mean you should avoid one altogether.

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Introducing The Simple Money Mind

Here thoughts will be written.

Those written thoughts will discuss money.

But what discusses money will also often dovetail into broader life.

Money is simply a backdrop to life.

The thoughts won’t be deep. They won’t be detailed.

Instead, these shallow and un-detailed thoughts seek simplicity.

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