Sharing With Your Significant Other

If you can’t discuss your financials with your significant other (SO), ask yourself why.

Does it have to do with how your parents viewed money, never discussing it? That’s a shame; don’t be like them. Break the cycle and discuss it with your SO.

Does it have to do with fear you will disappoint her? If she really loves you, then there’s no reason you can’t share your financial truth. Break the cycle and discuss it with your SO.

Are you afraid of what he might think…

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Know Your Goal

I spoke to a lady that had started businesses, bought real estate, had a nice car, lives in a large city, and “had goals.”

When pressed to outline those money goals, she simply said, “I want money to create more money.”

In part, she made complete sense, since it’s the basic principle of investing. You have to invest money so it will grow.

Yet, in other ways, she was lost.

Without tangible goals for the money, then when does that creation-cycle end?

We all know where it will end. By then, you may be rich, but what good does that do for you…

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