Take Ownership

When we don’t understand something we’ve learned to outsource the problem.

We don’t understand website design then we pay someone. We don’t understand a home repair then we hire a contractor. We don’t understand taxes then we tap an accountant.

It’s the outsourcing of basic finances, though, that helps those in the financial services industry make such large incomes.

They sell us with no fees, hiding the fact they’ll sparse out our future into bad financial products that pay them a commission.

They sell us insurance, denying us better ways to keep us secure over a lifetime.

They sell us on outperformance, even though it’s something they can’t promise (and rarely achieve).

They’re selling us.

Outsourcing help, when it comes to finances, isn’t usually the best move when young.

We’re not taught in school how to handle finances, which means we must teach ourselves.

If we don’t, then the financial industry will continue to grow on the back of our ignorance.

Learn it.

Then you’ll know what you can outsource and what you can do yourself.