Where Should I Invest

For those taking ownership over their finances for the first time, there’s one standard issue eating them up inside: “Where do I stand compared to others my age?”

There’s a natural reaction to want to compare when you’re uncertain. We do it all the time. The practice made a last name famous (Jones).

But what you don’t see is just how unique your situation is. Where you’ve been. Where you help others. Where others have helped you. Where you have taken missteps. And where you want to go.

It all plays into your own specific story.

It’s irrelevant how other people compare because it’s about whether you’re on the path to independence, whatever that means to you. Your individual experience has no one answer or benchmark.

That’s there’s no one answer or benchmark, except for when you’re discussing investing. There you can find a very easy answer to ‘am I doing it right.’

Are the vast majority of your investments sitting in a cheap, broad-based market index fund? If not, then you’re probably doing something wrong.

How about that for certainty.