Writing & Editing

With ten years of experience, Ryan has written for a variety of publications, including Money, Fortune, Fast Company, Inc.com and The Washington Post Co., among others. Currently, he’s focused on leadership, management, the modern workplace and investing. If you are interested in learning more about Ryan for potential commissions or to pitch him a story idea related to his current interests, then you can reach him here.

The Office of Time Control

While trying to stay one step ahead of the government agency that polices time travel, 58th century’s Rorak O’Shea Khan recruits an inflexible entrepreneur, a strong-willed Worlds War III military captain, and others to help discover the cure to unhappiness all while facing realities that hinder personal fulfillment. Receive the first three chapters of The Office of Time Control by signing up here.


Bringing a creative and enthusiastic approach, Ryan helps organizations implement content strategies, developing articles, blog posts and e-books. With a background in social media and experience within a PR firm, he understands the needs of his clients while producing clean copy and a finished product whether it's for ghostwriting projects, strategy development and/or project management. Learn more here.