As a writer, journalist and author, Ryan Derousseau focuses on how investors and businesses succeed over the long-term while fighting short-termism. He’s a regular contributor to Fortune Magazine, writes about the FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement for Forbes.com and his work has been read in The New York Times, MONEY, CNBC, Consumer Reports, Barron’s, BBC, Folio Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, Fast Company and The Washington Post Co., among other publications.

This focus on sustained success led him to the decision to write his first book, “The Everything Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency.” It's a look at how to protect your portfolio for the long-term, even if you want to gamble on this new asset class, providing insight into what cryptocurrencies are, the players you need to keep an eye on and what to look for from an investment standpoint.

Ryan also offers writing services for ghostwriting, content development and consultancy purposes, helping companies to maximize their content efforts. These services include conceptualizing or writing blogs, white papers, reports, ebooks, academic papers, and proposals.

Ryan lives in Huntington, NY with his wife, child and two dogs.