The Everything Guide to Investing in Cryptocurrency is a look at how to protect your money, if you're wanting to take a bet into this very new and very risky asset class.

It's not an unabashed love story about cryptocurrencies and the riches that could follow. Instead, it details why most investors shouldn't be placing funds into these vehicles; they’re only meant for the most financially secure. The book explains how to protect your overall portfolio, if in fact you have a strong desire to gamble and increase your exposure to cryptocurrencies, while also providing a basic understanding of where the coins come from and what they do. It's my hope the book accomplishes five specific points:

  1. Provides an introduction into what cryptos are, for those that have long wondered

  2. Offers a clear and concise warning for anyone that wants to jump into the space

  3. Gives an understanding of how to prepare your portfolio before investing

  4. Serves as a warning on how to avoid overexposing yourself, if the crypto investment rises

  5. Gives a sober analysis of how to view the investment, which some see as more of a philosophy

You can order a copy today by purchasing here.


*Ryan is a no-coiner, meaning he does not invest in the coins himself and does not promote any coins for his own gain. For research purposes during the development of this book, Ryan bought $5 worth of bitcoin. Any gains would have been donated to charity. He sold the coins in February 2019 at a time when the coins had shown a significant loss.